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2017 Lincoln Continental

The 2017 Lincoln Continental is back and better than ever with more comfort features than any luxury car in its class. Despite the Continental’s sleek style, powerful engine, and smooth ride, one feature has enthusiasts raving more than any other. If you’ve ever wanted to experience 30-way adjustable seats, it’s time to take a drive in the new Lincoln Continental.

The Lincoln Continental may boast a design that resonates with younger drivers but the iconic car’s interior is perfect for older buyers. The seat itself is built to offer the utmost comfort in every way.

2017 Lincoln Continental - trees and couple

The Continental’s seat features its very own massage feature that’s designed to relax drivers and lower stress levels on the road. Such a feature could come in useful for decreasing the amount of road rage drivers experience site sur cialis.

That and more makes the new Continental a top luxury model simply because it puts the “luxury” back in the name. While some models can whip from zero to 60 mph in record time, the Continental is playing the comfort game.

Don’t be fooled, though. The 2017 Lincoln Continental will soon roll out with a 3.0-liter twin-turbocharged V6 engine that produces 400 hp. No matter what powertrain drivers choose, the Continental offers a smooth, relaxing ride time and time again. The luxurious features, powerful engine, and price make the new Lincoln Continental a luxury car for drivers of all ages.

Here at Nick Nicholas Ford Lincoln, we’re excited for the return of the new and improved Continental!

The 5-Star Safety Ratings Program: What Is It, Where to Find Scores

Lincoln Welcomes Customers with Customized Showroom ScentFord logo

One of the most reliable ways to determine the safety of vehicle is to check it the safety rating it was assigned by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), which has been scoring vehicles’ safety since 1978.

The NHTSA’s 5-Star Safety Ratings Program has been continually evolving since then, adapting to the latest safety technology. Today, the program evaluates both crash protection and rollover safety, making its scores remarkably thorough. In fact – the NHTSA is the only organization that rates rollover resistance as well as frontal and side crash protection.

The scoring is simple. There are five possible stars that a vehicle can earn, where only receiving one star is the worst possible score and five stars is equivalent to the best possible score. Any vehicle that gets a 5-Star Safety Rating from the NHTSA reflects the best that the industry has to offer, while 4-Star vehicles are also impressively safe.

You can look up the specific safety ratings of vehicles here, at safecar.gov, to see where your prospective vehicle lies on the spectrum. One thing is for sure: when it comes to safety ratings, the NHTSA has your back.

For more information on vehicle safety or to check out the many available 5-Star Safety Ratings vehicles we have, contact us or visit us anytime at Nick Nicholas Ford Lincoln.

Lincoln Introduces “The Lincoln Way” Suite of Services

This fall, Lincoln is breathing new meaning into the word “luxury”. With the launch of the upcoming next-generation 2017 Continental, Lincoln will also be rolling out The Lincoln Way, a new suite of personalized client services and experiences. These services will deliver unparalleled attention and care to the needs and comfort of Lincoln owners everywhere. The Lincoln Way will include services such as valet pickup and delivery.

The Lincoln Way services

What is “The Lincoln Way”?

Lincoln as a brand prides itself on its reputation for taking the time to connect with clients. In markets such as China, full-service client care has helped build a loyal consumer base. All of these customers are attracted to Lincoln’s unique offerings and features, setting it apart from competitors. Lincoln also offers the Black Label service in North America, which provides personal shopping, premium service coverage, and a Culinary Collection membership.

The Lincoln Way will build off the legacy of Lincoln Black Label by focusing efforts around clients’ time. Lincoln recognizes that luxury isn’t just about the quality of the vehicle itself, but about having enough free time to relax and enjoy it. With the launch of the Lincoln Way, clients will be able to have their vehicle picked up at any time and at any location for service. They’ll even receive a complementary loaner car. Convenience and comfort is the name of the game.

Affordable 2016 Lincoln Navigator Named ‘Best Value in America’

The Lincoln Navigator is one of the hottest SUVs on the road, adding luxury flair to the family-SUV experience. In addition, for the second year in a row, the Lincoln Navigator has been named Vincentric’s “Best Value in America” award, in the Large Luxury SUV segment.

2016 Lincoln Navigator - affordable premium SUV

Vincentric makes their decision by analyzing data that indicates the ownership costs of a vehicle over its entire life cycle and compares that amount to the current market price of the vehicle. As a result, ultimately deciding which is “best value.”

What is the value of this SUV?

The 2016 Lincoln Navigator has a starting MSRP of $63,195. When combined with its ownership cost over time, this makes it the most affordable luxury SUV on the market.

When you get your next family SUV, don’t settle for anything less than the best. Get behind the wheel of the premium, affordable 2016 Lincoln Navigator. To learn more to take one out on a test drive, contact us or visit us anytime. Nick Nicholas Lincoln is located in Crystal River, Florida near Homosassa Springs and Lecanto.

Lincoln’s Revel Audio System Brings the Music Hall to Your Car

Lincoln has already raised the bar across the board this year in safety, tech, handling, and more, perfecting those basics of automotive engineering. However, Lincoln being Lincoln, one of the finest luxury automakers in the industry, they didn’t stop with the basics.

Lincoln’s Revel Audio System

2016 Lincoln MKX

In the 2016 MKX you’ll find Lincoln’s Revel Audio System, a powerful and soothing sound system that will make you feel like you’re swimming in the music. Lincoln’s Revel Audio System uses Quantum Logic Surround (QLS) sound technology, which lets you choose from multiple listening modes so you never miss a beat. In one cabin, you get 13 seamlessly designed, high-quality speakers or a stunning 19 in the specialized Revel Ultima.

Lincoln has an exclusive partnership with Revel, meaning you won’t find sound like this in any other brand. For the music lover and the sound freak, there is really no other option besides getting into a Lincoln. See the new MKX today here at Nick Nicholas Ford Lincoln in Crystal River, FL.

Craftsmanship in the 2016 Lincoln MKX Gets Even Better

Sometimes things may look good, but they aren’t well made. When this happens it can be really disappointing. However, you won’t have this experience in the Lincoln MKX. In fact, craftsmanship in the 2016 Lincoln MKX is getting even better with both visual and hidden updates.

According to Lincoln, MKX customers say overall quality is the number one reason for purchasing the luxury crossover.

Craftsmanship in the 2016 Lincoln MKX

“Craftsmanship sits between the worlds of engineering and design,” said Stacy Swank, Lincoln craftsmanship supervisor, in a statement. “Our role is to bring those worlds together to enhance the experience for the customer. We like to think that if you don’t notice what’s been done, then we’ve done our job.”

Some of the quality updates on the 2016 MKX include adding foam to the wrapped console side panels, door armrests, and steering wheel to make them softer for legs, arms, and hands; adding extra strength to the dead-pedal where a driver rests his or her left foot so it feels firmer; and replacing scuff materials with stainless steel on the door and tailgate for a more scratch resistant surface.

More noticeable updates include a redesigned center console and available high-quality leather on the seats and steering wheel.

The 2016 Lincoln MKX will be coming to Nick Nicholas Ford Lincoln later this year. Want to be the first in line for the new MKX? Then give us a call and we’ll let you know when it’s scheduled to arrive

Top Family Cars from Lincoln

Summer time is for road trips, being outdoors, and spending time with family. If you’ve been pushing the thought of a newer, more functional vehicle further and further in the back of your mind, we here at Nick Nicholas Ford Lincoln invite you to act on it now! Here are a few of our favorite Top Family Cars from Lincoln.

Lincoln MKX

This is a five-seater vehicle with a 3.7-liter Ti-VCT V6 engine. Premium materials, innovative technology, and an array of safety features make this a great vehicle for families. For more details, see our model overview.

Top Family Cars from Lincoln

Lincoln MKC

This luxurious SUV also has seating for five and plenty of spaciousness and storage areas without compromising great fuel economy. Check out our model overview for more details on the MKC.

Top Family Cars from Lincoln

Lincoln Navigator

Chances are if you’ve heard of Lincoln, you’ve heard of the Navigator. This large-family vehicle seats up to eight with a powerful engine to get you anywhere. See more details on the Navigator from our model overview.

Top Family Cars from Lincoln

Check out even more options for family-friendly vehicles right on our website, or come and see us today here at Nick Nicholas Ford Lincoln in Crystal River, Florida!

Black Label at Home Gets the Spotlight in New York

Last year, Lincoln introduced its Black Label line. This feature adds high-level luxury amenities to the 2015 MKZ and MKC. Buyers can choose from four themes, including Center Stage, Indulgence, Oasis, and Modern Heritage. Each theme is expertly curated to add premium materials, such as Alcantara, Venetian leather, and designer woods.

Black Label at Home

2015 Lincoln MKZ interior

Now, Lincoln is showing off its Black Label luxury with the Black Label at Home program. This luxury experience was on display in New York City in a luxurious four-floor penthouse in Union Square with rooms dedicated to each of the Black Label themes. Guests were welcome to visit the penthouse throughout the Tribeca Film Festival, which Lincoln was sponsoring for the second year.

“Each Black Label at Home experience represents a special opportunity for Lincoln,” said Lee Jelenic, Lincoln U.S. marketing manager, in a statement. “But when you factor in the importance of being in New York, and then the relationships we’ve built as a supporter of the Tribeca Film Festival, this is going to be a fantastic week.”

The Black Label at Home experience in New York ran through Sunday, April 26. It previously was showcased in Hollywood Hills and a private residence in South Florida. Next, Lincoln will move the project on to Dallas. We here at Nick Nicholas Ford Lincoln think this program is outstanding. What about you?

Lincoln Continental Concept Provides Quiet Luxury

What does the Lincoln Continental Concept have to offer? We are glad you asked. The automaker introduced the concept just ahead of opening day for the New York International Show. While we are quite sure the showroom floor was bustling loudly of car experts and enthusiasts, the Continental Concept stood in contrast as a re-defining of quiet luxury.

Lincoln Continental Concept

The 1956 Lincoln Continental

The full-size sedan debuted in concept form, but it gives us an idea of Lincoln’s upcoming all-new sedan and innovative technology. The Continental offers a bold statement with features like 30-way adjustable seats, a premium audio system by Revel, E-Latch door handles, a 3.0-liter EcoBoost engine exclusive to Lincoln, and much more.

In the midst of these innovative new technologies, the Continental manages to provide an experience free from excess noise.

“Luxury at its best is about simplifying and quietly exceeding expectations, rather than being the loudest statement on the road,” said Mark Fields, president and CEO of Ford Motor Company. “The Continental Concept showcases the promise of quiet luxury from Lincoln going forward. It also is a strong indication of what’s to come next year as we introduce our new Lincoln Continental full-size luxury sedan.”

We at Nick Nicholas Ford Lincoln are eager to see how closely next year’s production vehicle resembles the Concept in all of its luxury.

Lincoln Black Label at Home Showcased in Miami

Lincoln Black Label

Lincoln’s Black Label at Home experience has moved from its luxurious location in the Hollywood Hills to South Florida’s hip North Bay Village. The Lincoln Black Label at Home experience showcases the exclusive colors, materials, design, and lifestyle associated with Lincoln’s Black Label vehicle trims.

Available on the 2015 MKC and MKZ, the available Black Label trims include Center Stage, Modern Heritage, Indulgence and Oasis. According to a Lincoln news release, each unique designer theme offers premium materials like Venetian leather and Alcantara® designer woods. Black Label buyers also receive special perks, like remote vehicle-service calls, off-site concierge visits, anytime car washes, and exclusive dining experiences at a variety of participating Black Label Culinary Collection network restaurants.

Miami’s Black Label at Home mansion invites guests to stay in the lap of luxury. During their stay, guests have their choice of a Black Label vehicle for transportation, access to bespoke concierge services, and are provided with a list of unique experiences that reflect the culture of the Black Label lifestyle – including access to Miami’s finest restaurants, nightlife, and leisure activities.

Stop by Nick Nicholas Ford Lincoln today to learn more about the luxurious 2015 Lincoln MKC and MKZ.