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New Ford Mustang Steals the Spotlight at Chicago Auto Show

New Ford Mustang

The exciting new Ford Mustang brings a long list of performance and styling changes that make it seem like a full redesign.

Ford’s idea of a midlife refresh blows every other automaker off the track with ease. The new Ford Mustang brings a long list of performance and styling changes that make it seem like a full redesign. Drivers can expect a streamlined interior, more aggressive exterior, and a changeup in what lies beneath the hood.

The 2018 Ford Mustang was officially revealed to the public at this year’s Chicago Auto Show. Styling changes include a refined front and rear, new grille, hood vents, and improved aerodynamics. Drivers can also add full LED lighting as well.

Unfortunately, 2018 brings the death of the entry-level V6 engine. Instead, the 2.3-liter EcoBoost four-cylinder engine rounds out the range. While Ford hasn’t released any performance figures just yet, drivers can expect a new 10-speed automatic transmission as an available option for the 2018 model year.

Like the exterior, the Mustang’s interior sees plenty of upgrades as well. Premium materials make up most of the cabin. Convenience and safety features are more available as well. Drivers can add features like Lane Departure Warning and Lane Keep Assist to their Mustang, decreasing the chance of an accident on the road.

We here at Nick Nicholas Ford Lincoln are pumped for the arrival of the new Ford Mustang later this year!

Sold Out Ford Mustang Immediately Becomes Hot Commodity in Australia

Placed your claim to a new Ford Mustang, or already behind the wheel of one of the beloved muscle cars here in the United States? Consider yourself lucky, as across the globe in Australia, the Ford Mustang almost immediately sold out.

To be fair, the now sold out Ford Mustang hasn’t made its way to Australia for 50 years, so the locals were understandably excited. But any Aussies who were late to the news quickly found themselves out of luck.

Sold Out Ford Mustang

In fact, the Australian models are sold out for all of 2016, as dealerships received about 4,000 pre-orders, with 80 percent of deposits already paid. Of course, this is excellent news for the Ford Motor Company, who plans to ship more Mustangs to Australia in the near future.

Here in America, we’ve got plenty of Ford Mustang models just waiting for you to take home. To learn more or to check one out in person, visit us at Nick Nicholas Ford Lincoln today!

The World’s Favorite Mustang Colors

Favorite Mustang Colors

If you buy a 2015 Mustang at Nick Nicholas Ford Lincoln, you’ll find that it comes in all kinds of colors: yellow, silver, gray, red, black, white, orange, you name it (all with their own fancy names like “Magnetic” and “Deep Impact,” of course).

But it turns out there are really only two colors the world cares about. According to initial consumer data, 35 percent of Chinese customers want it in “Race Red,” which is also the top pick for Europeans, tied with “Absolute Black.” And back here at home, simple “Black” is also the top choice. In all three regions, red and black paint colors are featured in the top three.

This also shows an interesting break from trends as the majority of cars in the United States are ordered in white or silver. In fact, white didn’t even break the top three favorite Mustang colors America—looks like Mustang buyers aren’t afraid of thinking outside the box!

What’s your favorite color for the new Mustang? Comment below and tell us your thoughts, or share a photo of your own pretty Pony!

New Mustang Earns Top Safety Rating, Named Best of the Year by MotorWeek

Top Safety Rating

The Ford Mustang now boasts half a century of dominance on the American sports car landscape and that dominance is already continuing with the new Mustang generation. The 2015 Ford Mustang, which is the 6th generation of the Mustang, recently picked up to new pieces to add to its resume. First, it was named the 2015 Drivers’ Choice Best of the Year by MotorWeek. Second, it earned a Top Safety Rating from the NHTSA as well.

Of course, these two awards go hand-in-hand. The Mustang’s incredible safety rating—the highest possible rating, in fact, given out in the NHTSA’s New Car Assessment Program—makes the car even more inviting to customers. It comes with features like Cross-Traffic Alert and SYNC 911 Assist, plus it has all the airbags and standard safety features you could hope for.

Plus, the new Mustang is the first to offer four, six, and eight cylinder engine options, the highest of which is the 5.0L V8 engine with 435 horsepower. Plus, you could also get a new EcoBoost engine as well. “The all-new Mustang is a watershed design,” says MotorWeek host John Davis. “This car takes Ford’s most iconic performance nameplate to a new level of sophistication and prowess that blasts past domestic rivals and now challenges the best sports cars from around the world.” Come see us here at Nick Nicholas Ford Lincoln to learn more today.

New Mustang Vaults Ford Back to Top of Muscle Car Competition

Think of the automotive industry as a giant storyline for a moment. Like most storylines, you can split it into many, many other exciting and compelling sub-stories. Here at Nick Nicholas Ford Lincoln, one of our very favorite sub-stories is the American muscle car competition. Of course, that’s partly because we’re on such good terms with that story’s protagonist—the Ford Mustang.


The Mustang has been wearing a red cape and leaving the bad guys in its dust for fifty years now, but it’s not getting old and worn out. No sir. In fact, after fifty years, the Mustang is all-new and better than ever. According to the NY Daily News, the 2015 Mustang is “a completely new breed” of pony car. With more technology, a newly sculpted exterior, and a stunning and roomier interior, you’ll get no argument from us.

Here’s how the News concluded their glowing review: “Will some traditionalists scoff at the latest example of the Mustang? Probably. But the naysayers will be drowned out by the sound of the next generation Ford pony car peeling out and leaving them in the dust –most likely after warming the rear tires with Line Lock.” Come in to see us and learn more about the new Mustang today!

Ford Mustang Convertible Gets Even Better for 2015

Here at Nick Nicholas Ford Lincoln, we cannot wait to get behind the wheel of the all-new 2015 Ford Mustang. However, possibly even more exciting is the 2015 Ford Mustang Convertible.

According to Ford, this time around the convertible version of the Mustang was designed from the ground up to be a convertible. This means, it will offer some great improvements over the current design. First off, engineers designed the convertible to be stiffer. This will give it a much smoother ride. It also gets an improved suspension system to ramp up the driving dynamics.


While better ride and handling are definitely appreciated in a convertible, one necessary component is the top. For 2015, the Mustang Convertible will have a vastly improved fabric top. It will include a layer of insulation, which Ford says should keep the interior almost as quiet as the Mustang Coupe.

The top mechanism has also been improved. Engineers added an electro-mechanical mechanism that is quieter and opens and closes the roof in half the time. And, there will only be one latch closure in the middle of the windshield header (instead of two on either side) for even easier operation.

One more thing, the new Mustang boasts a compact roof design that gives it segment-leading trunk space—enough for two golf bags—when the top is down.

We could go on and on about how excited we are for the new Mustang convertible. Give us a call and we’ll give you all the details and let you know as soon as it arrives on our showroom floor later this year.