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Ford Makes Major Investment in Next-Generation Ford Focus

Keeping with its unofficial “Go Big or Go Home” motto, Ford is making a massive investment in the next-generation Focus. The compact car will be produced in Germany and the facility is getting some major upgrades in order to optimize production and handle the new model. Additionally, the factory will also go green with new energy-supply systems.

Next-Generation Ford Focus

What’s next for the Focus?

Ford is doubling down on its European market with a major investment in a production facility. The German facility will build the next-generation Ford Focus, a compact car that continues to sell well, thanks to its affordability and quality.

In an effort to prove that Germany truly is a major part of Ford, the automaker invested a massive $644 million in the production facility. The plant will receive new press systems that can process steel into car parts; the new presses will result in a lightweight design that offers increased fuel economy.

The major investment will also add new energy-supply systems that will reduce the facility’s emissions by up to 20%. Worth noting is that Ford’s German production facility currently employs around 25,000 people, so these new advancements are exciting for many.

“This €600 million investment reconfirms Ford’s continuing commitment to Germany, our main centre of operations in Europe,” said Jim Farley, president and CEO, Ford of Europe, Middle East, and Africa.

We’re ready for the next-generation Focus and can’t wait to see it here at Nick Nicholas Ford Lincoln!

2017 Lincoln Continental

The 2017 Lincoln Continental is back and better than ever with more comfort features than any luxury car in its class. Despite the Continental’s sleek style, powerful engine, and smooth ride, one feature has enthusiasts raving more than any other. If you’ve ever wanted to experience 30-way adjustable seats, it’s time to take a drive in the new Lincoln Continental.

The Lincoln Continental may boast a design that resonates with younger drivers but the iconic car’s interior is perfect for older buyers. The seat itself is built to offer the utmost comfort in every way.

2017 Lincoln Continental - trees and couple

The Continental’s seat features its very own massage feature that’s designed to relax drivers and lower stress levels on the road. Such a feature could come in useful for decreasing the amount of road rage drivers experience site sur cialis.

That and more makes the new Continental a top luxury model simply because it puts the “luxury” back in the name. While some models can whip from zero to 60 mph in record time, the Continental is playing the comfort game.

Don’t be fooled, though. The 2017 Lincoln Continental will soon roll out with a 3.0-liter twin-turbocharged V6 engine that produces 400 hp. No matter what powertrain drivers choose, the Continental offers a smooth, relaxing ride time and time again. The luxurious features, powerful engine, and price make the new Lincoln Continental a luxury car for drivers of all ages.

Here at Nick Nicholas Ford Lincoln, we’re excited for the return of the new and improved Continental!

Things to Do in Crystal River Preserve

There are many beautiful parks and preserves to visit in Florida, where vivid wildlife and colorful plants flourish thanks to the warm, tropical atmosphere. In Crystal River, Florida, visitors and residents alike are invited to visit the scenic Crystal River Preserve State Park. Located along 20 miles of the northern Gulf Coast between Yankeetown and Homosassa, the park offers up to seven miles of trails for either walking or biking, as well as a glimpse into the wilderness of Florida’s Crystal River region.

 bike on the beach - Crystal River Preserve

The Trail begins at the corner of State Park Street and Sailboat Avenue and runs through a diverse array of habitats for cyclists and hikers to enjoy — basin swamps and marshes, a tidal marsh, pine flatwoods, and more. There are also several hiking trails such as the Dixie Shore Trails, Fort Island Trail, Hammock Island Trail, Lake Loop Trail, and the Churchhouse Hammock Boardwalk and Primitive Trails.

Besides biking and walking, visitors to the park may also take boat tours or paddle themselves out into the river in canoes or kayaks. There is also a day-use fishing area known as the “Mullet Hole” for those with a fishing license who’d like to enjoy the day on the open water with their fishing pole.

The Crystal River Preserve State Park offers visitors several opportunities to get close to nature. Home to undisturbed islands with indigenous species such as bald eagles and wood storks, the park is an excellent place for everyone from photographers to wildlife enthusiasts and everyone in between. Don’t hesitate to stop by this beautiful state park to get a glimpse into Florida’s pristine natural world.

Crystal River Manatees: Nature’s Gentle Giants

snorkel with Crystal River manatees

Crystal River is located in the center of the Florida Nature Coast, and is home to some of nature’s most unique creatures: the manatees. Crystal River manatees are unlike anything else in the world, and this city is one of the few areas where you can watch and swim with these graceful creatures.

Manatees, also called sea cows, are large, mostly herbivorous marine mammals similar to seals and walruses.  They can grow up to 13 feet long and weigh as much as 1,300 pounds; however, they are among some of the gentlest wild animals in the area. Because they are listed as vulnerable to extinction, several areas around Crystal River are dedicated to keeping them safe and increasing public awareness of these beautiful creatures.

In the US, most manatees are concentrated in Florida, especially in the winter. Looking to see or swim with some sea cows? Check out Manatee Adventures or the Plantation on Crystal River. Here you can book a tour to swim and snorkel with manatees, as well as simply watch these gentle giants in action.

Crystal River manatees are protected by the National Wildlife Refuge System, as well as a network of individuals who donate time and money to protect manatees. Two observational studies also occur in the area, increasing knowledge on these wild animals.

Fun Picnic Spots Near Crystal River

Picnic Spots Near Crystal River

Summer is the perfect time to head outdoors to enjoy your meals, which is why August is recognized as National Picnic Month. Here are some great picnic spots near Crystal River to enjoy some great views and some great food!

Crystal River Parks

  • Kings Bay Park. Features five picnic shelters, a fishing dock, grills, a playground, and more. Come enjoy a delicious lunch and then head out on the water.
  • Little Springs Park. Your kids will love coming to this park with its amazing playground. It also has picnic tables and grills to complete your picnic fun.
  • Copeland Park. If playing sports is what you love, head to Copeland Park. Here the kid can play on the playground, take in a game of basketball, or even some volleyball. Then, head to the picnic area to eat your lunch.

Crystal River Beaches

If a beach picnic is more of what you love, visit the local beaches.

  • Fort Island Gulf Beach. This off-the-beaten path beach features beautiful sand with a roped-off swimming area. There are also covered pavilions with picnic tables.
  • Pine Island Park. This three-acre park is right on the Gulf of Mexico and has a white sandy beach along with picnic tables, shelters, grills, a volleyball court, and a concession stand. Pack a picnic dinner and take in the spectacular sunset.

From all of us at Nick Nicholas Ford Lincoln, we hope you have a great rest of your summer!

Top 3 Best Crystal River Restaurants for Valentine’s Day

Best Crystal River Restaurants

For many, this time of year is synonymous with one thing: Valentine’s Day. Crystal River has an array of great restaurants – so many, in fact, that we’ve put together a list of the best Chrystal River restaurants to celebrate romance on February 14th.

  1. According to Trip Advisor, the place to be is Highlander Café. This quaint little café is a romantic spot for you and your date to enjoy the romance of the holiday. Although they’re known for breakfast and lunch dining, this cozy restaurant is one of the best in town.
  2. If you’re a seafood lover, stop by Seafood Seller & Café. We listed this second because not everyone thinks of fish as romantic – if that doesn’t bother you, though, this is one of the hot spots in town. Specializing in Cajun and creole cooking, the Seafood Seller & Café will leave you stuffed to the gills.
  3. Last but not least, for those of you with a sweet tooth, check out Just a Cupcake Bakery & Café. Not only will you be unable to stop eating their cupcakes, but this place offers excellent soups and sandwiches as well. The cozy atmosphere is a plus, too.

With these three restaurants to choose from, among a host of others, you should have no problem celebrating Valentine’s Day in Crystal River. We hope you have a happy one!

A Few of the More Iconic Scenic Drives in Florida

With a name like the Sunshine State, you can guarantee that Florida is rife with scenic drives. Head down any road and before long, the scene around you will become ‘scenic.’ In case this isn’t all too clear to you, here are a few iconic scenic drives in Florida.Scenic Drives in Florida

Take the Florida Keys Scenic Highway. This road will take you from the mainland of Florida to Key West as it threads its way through small islands and then over miles and miles of open ocean. One hundred and six miles of the most unbelievable seaside views, you can gaze at the Atlantic Ocean out one window and the Gulf Of Mexico out the other.

For those who have a taste for the West Coast of Florida, there’s the Windows to the Gulf Coast Waters Scenic Highway. The construction of the road was actually funded by a millionaire and it runs from north of Bradenton, through Sarasota to Port Charlotte.

History buffs might like to drive down A1A. Besides affording fantastic views of the Atlantic Ocean and the Intracoastal Waterway, it also passes through St. Augustine, the oldest continuously-occupied settlement in the United States.

What’s you favorite drive in Florida? Let us know in the comments below!