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Lincoln Introduces “The Lincoln Way” Suite of Services

This fall, Lincoln is breathing new meaning into the word “luxury”. With the launch of the upcoming next-generation 2017 Continental, Lincoln will also be rolling out The Lincoln Way, a new suite of personalized client services and experiences. These services will deliver unparalleled attention and care to the needs and comfort of Lincoln owners everywhere. The Lincoln Way will include services such as valet pickup and delivery.

The Lincoln Way services

What is “The Lincoln Way”?

Lincoln as a brand prides itself on its reputation for taking the time to connect with clients. In markets such as China, full-service client care has helped build a loyal consumer base. All of these customers are attracted to Lincoln’s unique offerings and features, setting it apart from competitors. Lincoln also offers the Black Label service in North America, which provides personal shopping, premium service coverage, and a Culinary Collection membership.

The Lincoln Way will build off the legacy of Lincoln Black Label by focusing efforts around clients’ time. Lincoln recognizes that luxury isn’t just about the quality of the vehicle itself, but about having enough free time to relax and enjoy it. With the launch of the Lincoln Way, clients will be able to have their vehicle picked up at any time and at any location for service. They’ll even receive a complementary loaner car. Convenience and comfort is the name of the game.

New 2017 Lincoln Continental is the New Flagship

Ever since Lincoln revealed the concept in New York last year, we couldn’t wait for the new Lincoln Continental to finally launch. And now, it has.

Revealed at the Detroit Auto Show, the 2017 Lincoln Continental is built from the ground up to be the flagship vehicle in the luxury automaker’s lineup, promising “an elegant, effortlessly powerful, serene full-size sedan that delivers quiet luxury to the industry’s most discerning customers.”

2017 Lincoln Continental interior

What makes all that power effortless is the twin-turbocharged, 3.0-liter V6 engine under the hood that produces 400 horsepower, as well as a three-mode suspension and steering system.

Inside, amenities include active noise cancellation, a Reveal sound system, 30-way adjustable front seats, and rear seats with built-in reclining, massaging, and climate-control features.

On the outside, there’s even more than the Continental’s breathtaking design to appreciate. Exterior ambient lighting automatically activates when the driver approaches, electric door handles hide until you need them, and there’s even an available panoramic glass that covers the entire roof.

Needless to say, the 2017 Lincoln Continental is about to change the game. Expect it to arrive at Nick Nicholas Ford Lincoln this fall.

Lincoln Continental Concept Provides Quiet Luxury

What does the Lincoln Continental Concept have to offer? We are glad you asked. The automaker introduced the concept just ahead of opening day for the New York International Show. While we are quite sure the showroom floor was bustling loudly of car experts and enthusiasts, the Continental Concept stood in contrast as a re-defining of quiet luxury.

Lincoln Continental Concept

The 1956 Lincoln Continental

The full-size sedan debuted in concept form, but it gives us an idea of Lincoln’s upcoming all-new sedan and innovative technology. The Continental offers a bold statement with features like 30-way adjustable seats, a premium audio system by Revel, E-Latch door handles, a 3.0-liter EcoBoost engine exclusive to Lincoln, and much more.

In the midst of these innovative new technologies, the Continental manages to provide an experience free from excess noise.

“Luxury at its best is about simplifying and quietly exceeding expectations, rather than being the loudest statement on the road,” said Mark Fields, president and CEO of Ford Motor Company. “The Continental Concept showcases the promise of quiet luxury from Lincoln going forward. It also is a strong indication of what’s to come next year as we introduce our new Lincoln Continental full-size luxury sedan.”

We at Nick Nicholas Ford Lincoln are eager to see how closely next year’s production vehicle resembles the Concept in all of its luxury.

Lincoln Black Label at Home Showcased in Miami

Lincoln Black Label

Lincoln’s Black Label at Home experience has moved from its luxurious location in the Hollywood Hills to South Florida’s hip North Bay Village. The Lincoln Black Label at Home experience showcases the exclusive colors, materials, design, and lifestyle associated with Lincoln’s Black Label vehicle trims.

Available on the 2015 MKC and MKZ, the available Black Label trims include Center Stage, Modern Heritage, Indulgence and Oasis. According to a Lincoln news release, each unique designer theme offers premium materials like Venetian leather and Alcantara® designer woods. Black Label buyers also receive special perks, like remote vehicle-service calls, off-site concierge visits, anytime car washes, and exclusive dining experiences at a variety of participating Black Label Culinary Collection network restaurants.

Miami’s Black Label at Home mansion invites guests to stay in the lap of luxury. During their stay, guests have their choice of a Black Label vehicle for transportation, access to bespoke concierge services, and are provided with a list of unique experiences that reflect the culture of the Black Label lifestyle – including access to Miami’s finest restaurants, nightlife, and leisure activities.

Stop by Nick Nicholas Ford Lincoln today to learn more about the luxurious 2015 Lincoln MKC and MKZ.

Ford and Lincoln Dealers Donated Nearly $100 Million to Local Communities

Last year, Ford and Lincoln dealers donated nearly $100 million to their local communities. This includes us right here at Nick Nicholas Ford Lincoln. Just this past holiday season, we made a donation to the Citrus County Animal Services, which helps rescue animals of all shapes and sizes.

According to Ford, 95% of all Ford and Lincoln dealers either volunteered their time or donated financially to local nonprofit agencies. In total, dealership employees volunteered 809,160 hours, according to Ford’s Survey on Dealer Giving.

Ford recognized the outstanding dedication of its dealerships at the recent Salute to Dealers held at the National Automobile Dealers Association Conference in San Francisco.

“These amazing results exemplify the pattern of caring and compassion we have come to recognize among Ford dealers across the globe,” said Edsel B. Ford II, who chairs the Salute to Dealers awards program and is a member of the Ford board of directors, in a statement. “We know that regardless of the challenges our dealers face, contributing at this level is done not just out of a sense of duty, but out of a passion they share with their employees and customers.”

Here at Nick Nicholas Ford Lincoln, we love being a part of the Crystal River community. What local nonprofit organizations would you like us to support in 2015?

Lincoln Annual Sales Report Shows Strong Growth

The year 2014 was a busy one for Lincoln. The automaker continued to strengthen its product portfolio and the positive results are reflected in the Lincoln annual sales report with double-digit increases and the best year of sales since 2008.

Lincoln’s North American retail sales totaled 94,474 vehicles throughout the year for a sales increase of almost 16% over the previous year.

This success can be attributed in part to Lincoln’s introduction of the first-ever Lincoln MKC and the high-end Lincoln Black Label. Both of these products benefitted from the expert storytelling skills of actor Matthew McConaughey in a new advertising campaign.

The Lincoln MKZ mid-size sedan and all-new Navigator were also among the top-selling vehicles that assisted the brand’s sales growth.

Lincoln Annual Sales Report

2014 Lincoln MKZ

Outside of North America, Lincoln continued to extend its reach by launching the brand in China along with a uniquely personalized buying experience.

With a successful 2014 behind us, we at Nick Nicholas Ford Lincoln are looking forward to another year of new products and strong sales.

Lincoln Launches New MKZ Ad Campaign

Lincoln once again teamed up with Academy Award winner Matthew McConaughey to create two new ads, which aired for the first time on New Year’s Day, during high-profile college football bowl games.

The ads promote the 2015 Lincoln MKZ and MKZ Hybrid, the best-selling vehicles in our luxury lineup here at Nick Nicholas Ford Lincoln.

MKZ Ad Campaign

The first spot in the MKZ ad campaign, “Diner,” features McConaughey in the titular location on a rainy day. It emphasizes the car’s sleek exterior, open interior, push-button start, and retractable panoramic roof.

In the second spot, “Balance,” McConaughey is seen pondering the MKZ Hybrid’s balance of design, power, and fuel efficiency while looking upon the L.A. skyline.

“The overwhelming response to the MKC campaign sparked truly great awareness for Lincoln,” said Andrew Frick, Group Marketing Manager Lincoln. “Matthew’s natural storytelling ability perfectly complements the Lincoln story as we continue to raise awareness and drive conversation in creative and unexpected ways.

“Game Changers” is a Cute Lincoln Parody with a Twist

We know, the parodies of Matthew McConaughey’s Lincoln MKC ad have gotten a bit out of hand, but we’ve got just one more for you to consider—“Game Changers.” This one struck a particular chord with us at Nick Nicholas Ford Lincoln, and we think you’ll like it, too.

Video: “Game Changers”

Some background on “Game Changers”: St. Louis radio host Remy and his wife Lauren have been trying to conceive a child in spite of numerous major health setbacks. When the couple discovered that they were indeed with child, Remy put together a parody of the rambling Lincoln ads with the reveal of the new addition at the end.

Then he and Lauren showed the video to their parents over Thanksgiving, and their reaction is pretty priceless. While parodies of McConaughey’s Lincoln commercials have been done and done and done and done again, the twist here is enough that we prefer it to a lot of the other parodies we’ve seen.

Congrats to Remy and Lauren! Our suggestion: if it’s a boy, name him Lincoln.

Lincoln Revel Audio Systems Create Luxury Sound

Lincoln has collaborated with Revel Audio Systems to recreate the luxury and performance of your home-audio system in your vehicle. This is a unique approach to vehicle sound that shows how dedicated Lincoln is to its customers’ driving experience.

Lincoln Revel Audio Systems

2015 Lincoln Navigator Interior

Each vehicle in Lincoln’s luxury line will have custom designed Lincoln Revel audio systems in the cabin. The collaboration is slated to be an exclusive team-up for 10 years. Revel systems have such pure design they can play audio as precisely as it was originally recorded. In an age where we put up with substandard audio to have it at our convenience, this is a revolution.

For those that truly love music, this change makes Lincoln a must. The sound system is designed specifically for each model using what Revel calls “the Science of Sound.” It uses placement, tuning, calibration and speaker quantity to create the perfect listening experience in each unique cabin.

We here at Nick Nicholas Ford Lincoln can’t wait to test this out for ourselves and assure music lovers everywhere that there is no better music experience, outside of live concerts, than inside a new luxury Lincoln with Revel Audio Systems.

Black Label at Home Proves Lincoln’s Style Goes Beyond Cars

The Lincoln Motor Company is not interested in just having a style; it’s interested in creating a pervasive and holistic lifestyle. The brand has taken another step towards realizing that goal with the Black Label at Home project. Black Label is the company’s VIP package, and for the specially created home, they’ve brought all the convenience, luxury, comfort, and elegance of Black Label style to an in-home experience.

Black Label at Home

The house features many of the same materials that you’ll find in Black Label packages on Lincoln vehicles, from Venetian leather to Ziricote wood to the Alcantara premium suede you’ll find throughout the house. The house, which is located in Hollywood Hills, has separate spaces with the Center Stage, Modern Heritage, Indulgence, and Oasis themes.

You can actually stay in the house, too! If you don’t live in Hollywood Hills, though, no worries—Lincoln is already planning more homes in Dallas, Miami, and New York City. Or, if you would like a portable Black Label experience, come see us at Nick Nicholas Ford Lincoln and we’ll set you up with a new Lincoln vehicle today!