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Hybrid Car Maintenance Tips

Lincoln MKZ hybrid - hybrid car maintenance tips

Hybrid cars have a lot in common mechanically with non-hybrids, but since it has an electric motor in addition to its gasoline engine and other specialized parts like regenerative brakes, they require special—and often extra—maintenance you don’t have to do for other cars. If you own a hybrid, make sure you’re following these hybrid car maintenance tips.

One of the most important parts of a hybrid, even more so than in a purely gas-powered car, is the battery. Check it once a month to make sure the terminals aren’t corroding and the connections are tight.

If you notice issues with the electric motor or the engine, take your car to your dealership to get it checked out. It’s really best to talk to a dealership technician in this case and not a private mechanic—hybrid technology still isn’t common knowledge amongst independent shops.

Much of routine maintenance is the same as any other car—you can still check the fluids and top them off, change your spark plugs and windshield wipers, and so on. But if it’s under the hood, you should let the professionals handle it. Also, avoid anything wrapped in orange casing—It might shock you, and we don’t want you to injure yourself!

Lincoln Launches New MKZ Ad Campaign

Lincoln once again teamed up with Academy Award winner Matthew McConaughey to create two new ads, which aired for the first time on New Year’s Day, during high-profile college football bowl games.

The ads promote the 2015 Lincoln MKZ and MKZ Hybrid, the best-selling vehicles in our luxury lineup here at Nick Nicholas Ford Lincoln.

MKZ Ad Campaign

The first spot in the MKZ ad campaign, “Diner,” features McConaughey in the titular location on a rainy day. It emphasizes the car’s sleek exterior, open interior, push-button start, and retractable panoramic roof.

In the second spot, “Balance,” McConaughey is seen pondering the MKZ Hybrid’s balance of design, power, and fuel efficiency while looking upon the L.A. skyline.

“The overwhelming response to the MKC campaign sparked truly great awareness for Lincoln,” said Andrew Frick, Group Marketing Manager Lincoln. “Matthew’s natural storytelling ability perfectly complements the Lincoln story as we continue to raise awareness and drive conversation in creative and unexpected ways.

The Lincoln MKZ Hybrid Saves You Money in The Long Run

While buying a hybrid may be largely an act of conscience for those who want to lessen their impact on the environment, it is many times an economic decision, too. As far as the economics are concerned, an article from the Washington Post encourages you to look at the “full picture.”

Hybrids will undoubtedly help you save on gas money. That’s obvious. Also, many times insurance companies charge less for coverage on a hybrid vehicle. The Post informs us that hybrids “won’t cost any more to maintain” and that they are often “more reliable than non-hybrids.”


Yet all of those savings must be tallied against the cost of the vehicle. The firm Vincentric recently published a list of hybrid vehicles that will create the net savings people hope for when they purchase these types of vehicles.

Included on that list was the Lincoln MKZ Hybrid. The 2015 model will boast 40 mpg combined and according to the Post, “Ford’s done well in tuning its hybrid system to feel responsive.”

Come down to Nick Nicolas Ford Lincoln to learn more about how the Lincoln MKZ Hybrid can help you keep more money in your wallet.

2014 Lincoln MKZ Earns Best Value Award


In an evaluation by the U.S. military financial services provider, USAA, the 2014 Lincoln MKZ was named the Best Value for the Midsize Luxury category. As the brand continues to grow its reputation as a leading luxury automaker, we at Nick Nicholas Ford Lincoln couldn’t be more proud.

The award is given to vehicles that have been evaluated for their safety, reliability, and affordability, and subsequently designated as USAA Preferred vehicles.

The MKZ was noted specifically for its Top Safety Pick+ rating from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety as well as its efficient 2.0-liter EcoBoost® engine, which earns 33 highway miles to the gallon and comes standard for the model.

“Enabling our military and their families the ability to experience the premium aspects of the MKZ is an honor,” said Matt VanDyke, director for global Lincoln. “We are so encouraged the attributes of the Lincoln MKZ are resonating with our customers as we continue to reinvent our brand by providing the highest level of quality, design and personal service.”

Are you attracted to the 2014 MKZ for its reliable safety features, impressive fuel economy, or one of its other worthy amenities? Let us know in the comments below; or better yet, stop by and tell us in person after you take a test drive.

Lincoln MKZ Intelligent Suspension Protects against Potholes


We all know that “April showers lead to May flowers,” but just as important and true is another rhyme: “Winter snows bring Spring pothole woes.” Fortunately, we live in Florida where this isn’t a huge problem, but Lincoln foresaw this problem for other parts of the country and protected drivers against it in the all-new Lincoln MKZ. The sedan comes standard with continuously controlled damping (CCD) suspension, just one feature of Lincoln’s overall Lincoln Drive Control program.

Here’s how the CCD system works. First, it uses twelve different sensors to read road data and provide literally instantaneous feedback and reactions to the vehicle. Therefore, in normal road conditions, CCD is still constantly monitoring the road and working to provide the smoothest ride possible. However, when a pothole is picked up by the sensors, the system “applies additional damping to the shocks to keep the tire and wheel from dropping as deeply into the pothole.” Thus, the CCD system makes sure your MKZ doesn’t have as severe a reaction to the pothole.

Come see us at Nick Nicholas Ford Lincoln to get your own Lincoln MKZ today. Potholes or no potholes, you’ll smile suavely at the smoothness of your own ride.