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Lincoln Black Label Offers Member Privileges

Lincoln’s program Lincoln Black Label offers fantastic member privileges, and it’s being extended in the month of April.

In April, Lincoln Black Label is partnering with Fellow Barber, a leading men’s grooming salon for young and aspiring professionals. All throughout April, Lincoln Black Label customers can receive a complimentary grooming treatment at any five Fellow Barber locations in New York and San Francisco.

Lincoln Black Label MKC

But, if you aren’t planning to be in the New York or San Fran area, there’s plenty of privileges if you get a membership in Black Label.

“Lincoln Black Label not only provides the best level of materials in specially curated design themes, but also offers a hosts of member privileges,” said Andrew Frick, Lincoln director of sales and service operations. “The Lincoln Black Label dealer network is designed to cater to our clients on an individual level.”

Some of these member privileges include annual vehicle detailing, anytime carwashes, and access to a curated list of restaurants where you’ll get a top dining experience. You can also access a mobile showroom, have remote delivery, plus premium maintenance service with pickup and delivery.

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Black Label at Home Gets the Spotlight in New York

Last year, Lincoln introduced its Black Label line. This feature adds high-level luxury amenities to the 2015 MKZ and MKC. Buyers can choose from four themes, including Center Stage, Indulgence, Oasis, and Modern Heritage. Each theme is expertly curated to add premium materials, such as Alcantara, Venetian leather, and designer woods.

Black Label at Home

2015 Lincoln MKZ interior

Now, Lincoln is showing off its Black Label luxury with the Black Label at Home program. This luxury experience was on display in New York City in a luxurious four-floor penthouse in Union Square with rooms dedicated to each of the Black Label themes. Guests were welcome to visit the penthouse throughout the Tribeca Film Festival, which Lincoln was sponsoring for the second year.

“Each Black Label at Home experience represents a special opportunity for Lincoln,” said Lee Jelenic, Lincoln U.S. marketing manager, in a statement. “But when you factor in the importance of being in New York, and then the relationships we’ve built as a supporter of the Tribeca Film Festival, this is going to be a fantastic week.”

The Black Label at Home experience in New York ran through Sunday, April 26. It previously was showcased in Hollywood Hills and a private residence in South Florida. Next, Lincoln will move the project on to Dallas. We here at Nick Nicholas Ford Lincoln think this program is outstanding. What about you?

Lincoln Black Label at Home Showcased in Miami

Lincoln Black Label

Lincoln’s Black Label at Home experience has moved from its luxurious location in the Hollywood Hills to South Florida’s hip North Bay Village. The Lincoln Black Label at Home experience showcases the exclusive colors, materials, design, and lifestyle associated with Lincoln’s Black Label vehicle trims.

Available on the 2015 MKC and MKZ, the available Black Label trims include Center Stage, Modern Heritage, Indulgence and Oasis. According to a Lincoln news release, each unique designer theme offers premium materials like Venetian leather and Alcantara® designer woods. Black Label buyers also receive special perks, like remote vehicle-service calls, off-site concierge visits, anytime car washes, and exclusive dining experiences at a variety of participating Black Label Culinary Collection network restaurants.

Miami’s Black Label at Home mansion invites guests to stay in the lap of luxury. During their stay, guests have their choice of a Black Label vehicle for transportation, access to bespoke concierge services, and are provided with a list of unique experiences that reflect the culture of the Black Label lifestyle – including access to Miami’s finest restaurants, nightlife, and leisure activities.

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Black Label at Home Proves Lincoln’s Style Goes Beyond Cars

The Lincoln Motor Company is not interested in just having a style; it’s interested in creating a pervasive and holistic lifestyle. The brand has taken another step towards realizing that goal with the Black Label at Home project. Black Label is the company’s VIP package, and for the specially created home, they’ve brought all the convenience, luxury, comfort, and elegance of Black Label style to an in-home experience.

Black Label at Home

The house features many of the same materials that you’ll find in Black Label packages on Lincoln vehicles, from Venetian leather to Ziricote wood to the Alcantara premium suede you’ll find throughout the house. The house, which is located in Hollywood Hills, has separate spaces with the Center Stage, Modern Heritage, Indulgence, and Oasis themes.

You can actually stay in the house, too! If you don’t live in Hollywood Hills, though, no worries—Lincoln is already planning more homes in Dallas, Miami, and New York City. Or, if you would like a portable Black Label experience, come see us at Nick Nicholas Ford Lincoln and we’ll set you up with a new Lincoln vehicle today!

Lincoln Offers Even More Luxury with Lincoln Black Label

Over the past few years, Lincoln has been working on rebranding its reputation, presenting the automotive world with a new American luxury brand. Now that it has established itself as a top-notch carmaker, Lincoln is looking to bring the experience of luxury to you with Lincoln Black Label.


“Black Label represents a new level of Lincoln luxury in terms of product execution and personal service,” said Matt VanDyke, director of global Lincoln. “This combination of elevated service, materials, and execution will set Lincoln Black Label apart.”

The Black Label program offers a personalized service for each individual who is shopping for a Lincoln car, enhancing the shopping experience just as Lincoln vehicles enhance the driving experience. This new program will launch next month at 32 dedicated Lincoln Black Label dealers in six different states and is expected to expand in late 2015.

If you are interested in learning more about Lincoln Black Label, contact Nick Nicholas Ford Lincoln today or stop in to our dealership and experience a customized service experience for yourself!