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New Ford On-the-Go H20 Could Have Your Car Produce Tap Water


More than half of the human body is made up of water, which is why it is so important to keep hydrated. Unfortunately, sometimes we don’t always drink as much water as we should. Ever find yourself driving and desperately thirsty, with no water bottle in reach?

thirsty businesswoman - Ford On-the-Go H20Thankfully, a clever engineer at Ford – Doug Martin – is seeking a solution to this problem, by converting air conditioning condensation into filtered, drinkable water. You vehicle is already wasting water; why not find a way to drink it?

Ford is calling it On-the-Go H20, and you can learn more about it in this YouTube video, which also shows a prototype of this system, which presents a compact tap in reach of the driver and passenger.

Martin’s aims are even greater than hooking up Ford passengers with a refreshing drink, however. He hopes that someday Ford On-the-Go H20 could help those dealing with water scarcity around the world.

On a small scale, it’s easy to see how this technology could be helpful in rural areas, and on a larger scale, it’s amazing to think how much impact this could have in regions abroad.

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Driverless Cars: Ford Autonomous Vehicle Technology

Ford now has the largest fleet of autonomous test vehicles in the industry, enabling it to better test the next generation of sensor technology. These fully autonomous vehicles mostly consist of modified Ford Fusion Hybrid Concepts, with a total of over 30 models in California, Arizona, and Michigan.

Ford Autonomous Vehicle Technology

Ford autonomous vehicle technology is leading the industry, but still has a ways to go before it is perfected, according to Ford. Aside from strict regulations, one of the largest areas of focus is sensor technology. Using Velodyne’s newest LiDAR sensor systems, called Solid-State Hybrid Ultra PUCK, this new sensory system can distinguish what is around the car for up to 200 meters and make decisions based on random scenarios.

“Using the most advanced technology and expanding our test fleet are clear signs of our commitment to make autonomous vehicles available for millions of people,” said Raj Nair, Ford executive vice president, Global Product Development, and chief technical officer. “With more autonomous vehicles on the road, we are accelerating the development of software algorithms that serve to make our vehicles even smarter.”

Ford has been seriously investing in autonomous vehicle technologies for over a decade, introducing the second-generation of autonomous Fusion hybrid concepts in 2013. Now it is only a matter of time before Ford cars can drive themselves.

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Ford Talks Back: Automatic Labs and Ford Partner for Hands-Free Siri Dashboard Link Up

Soon your Ford will be joining the category of Technology that Talks Back with Ford and Automatic Lab’s joint venture to combine Siri with your dashboard, according to Digital Trends.

This team up plans to install a link up from your phone to your dash to allow Siri to interface with your car, effectively rerouting Apple’s digital helper’s services into it. The Link will allow cars made as early as 2011 to utilize its capabilities as the Link will be used through the car’s OBD-II port to work so you can keep your eyes on the road and still use Siri’s services safely and effectively.


Such an upgrade won’t be difficult to use for anyone who’s been palling around with Bluetooth over the past few years. It’ll be functioning in a similar way, activated through the push-to-talk button located on modern steering wheels.

But Automatic and Ford have even bigger plans for Link, which will have more under its belt than just a simple Siri dashboard sync-up. Link will also be able to track your cars data and stats to be displayed on Automatic’s Web Dashboard. So the neat little gadget will also be helping you out when it comes to keeping up with your car’s general health along with allowing for hands free interaction with your iPhone.

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Ford Fleet Purchase Planner Is Simply Smart Business

<img class="aligncenter wp-image-79" alt="ford-fleet-purchase-planner" src="" width="1024" height="683" srcset=" 1024w,×200.jpg 300w, http://fordlincolncrystalriver.nicknicholasfordlincoln achat vrai×416.jpg 624w” sizes=”(max-width: 1024px) 100vw, 1024px” />

Business savvy is key to building a successful business, which includes providing your team with the best equipment for your needs. The Ford Fleet Purchase Planner is a new resource that allows you to customize your transportation for minimum costs and maximum environmental efficiency.

“The one-size-fits-all approach is outdated,” said John Ginder, manager of systems analytics and environmental sciences for Ford’s research and advanced engineering, in a press release announcing the new technology. “Given what can now be done with analytics, customers shouldn’t settle for buying one vehicle for an entire fleet based on factors such as projected use or miles per gallon.”

The planner gives fleet customers the opportunity to choose a vehicle lineup, inputting travel information and details regarding employees’ driving habits. It then uses data to calculate costs for the proposed fleet as well as its environmental impact. Customers can continue to manipulate the vehicles in the fleet until the best transportation solution is found.

“This level of individualized customer service is exactly why we continue to invest in analytics and big data,” Ginder added.

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Parkopedia App works with Ford SYNC AppLink to Decrease Parking Woes


Have you seen the magic trick entitled “Disappearing Parking Spot”? It goes like this: The parking lot is packed, but you spy a lone spot down the next aisle. You zoom over to claim it, but every space in the row is now filled. Where did your parking spot go? Ford and Parkopedia are determined to make that infamous trick obsolete with the parking spot discovery app.

“Parkopedia provides real-time space availability information for drivers, allowing drivers to go directly to the open spot as opposed to circling the block searching for an opening,” said Parkopedia’s CEO, Eugene Tsyrklvich.

“Working with Ford will help us reach millions of consumers who want to use technology to arrive at their destinations efficiently and on time, while hopefully avoiding a few parking tickets along the way.”

The voice-activated app will be available this spring for iPhone and Android users. The integration of Parkopedia’s technology adds to the rapidly growing list of apps compatible with Ford’s SYNC AppLink system.

Ford’s global product manager for SYNC AppLink, Julius Marchwicki, stated, “Parkopedia is another example of how Ford is going further to heighten the driver experience so our customers feel their vehicle is working with them to get where they are going.”

We at Nick Nicholas Ford Lincoln hope you are looking forward to the parking spot discovery app as much as we are. Do you have any parking horror stories to share?